pumpkin soup

Last night was a bit epic – free champagne cocktails all night – dangerous.  Haven’t been this hungover in a long while, but on the plus side the great and the good of the opera world were all there. I’m distinctly rubbish at networking but luckily Will knew half of them from all his strangely high-profile work as a video designer in international opera, so he made some introductions. Though he’s always forgetting people’s names so he’s very good at introducing me to them but not vice versa. Oh well.

Today we’re making pumpkin soup for lunch – having an accountant friend from the Barbican over to put us through our accounting paces (or rather Metta’s accounting paces). I’m hoping the soup is complicated enough to keep me in the kitchen so I can avoid the accounting part, but I’m sure Heather will be making notes…

Then tonight another party – Chantelle (Deputy Producer at Out of Joint) is having a proper Halloween party. I’m going as a bat. I’m going to wear a bat-wing top and draw on some fangs in eye-liner – too hung over for anything more impressive.