tube strikes

Another busy day – though mostly because of the tube strikes. Had a meeting this morning with a producer – talking about producing Points of Light – this dance theatre/circus theatre piece we developed a bit at the Young Vic in the summer. He was coming down from Birmingham so we’d agreed to meet at Marylebone to avoid him having to do too much tubing. So tfl told me it would take an hour, so I left an hour and a half. And of course it only took me 45 minutes! But a good meeting and I got to finish my book – The Unbearable Lightness of Being (Milan Kundera) – amazing amazing amazing.

Then this evening Will and I were hosting/curating/chairing an event at the Young Vic for directors and designers about ‘aesthetic’ – what it is, where it comes from, how you find it etc. A brilliant and inspiring evening actually – we had a wonderful panel consisting of Antony McDonald (Designer/Director) – who was full of hilarious stories about famous people, Deborah Paige (Director) who was full of gentle and nurturing advice and Jess Curtis (Designer) who was full of very practical advice and stories. And Will of course, who I sometimes forget is totally brilliant at articulating positions within a debate/argument. So hopefully got lots of people talking, and more importantly thinking about all things ‘aesthetic’, and the director/designer relationship more generally. But then hopped on the tube thinking it would be easy to get home (as it had been getting in) but half the stations in west London seemed to have closed so had to go two stops too far and walk. Will stayed on talking to the young designers for an extra 45 minutes and still got home before me (he cycled)!

And should have posted this yesterday – but was all too hectic – check out our beautiful new trailer for The Man With the Flower in His Mouth. Amazing work by the ever-brilliant Liam Welton, of Chaotic Creations fame!