cake, cake, cake, cake and crumble

Today I’ve eaten a lot of cake. We went down to Lewes to meet up with Ed Hughes, the composer of Cocteau in the Underworld (the new opera we did at this year’s Grimeborn Festival (Arcola Theatre) to talk about the future life of that (which will hopefully mean a tour late next year). Which was a delightful way to spend the morning – we started with Macaroons, had a brief interval of quiche and then finished with cake.

And then this afternoon I went to Theatre 503 for the mother of all meet-and-greets (it’s a festival of ten plays – each of which is written by at least two artists in ‘coalition’, plus ten directors etc) and was buried alive in more cake. But this was seriously amazing cake – made by Leila Latif, the sister of Nadia Latif (who’s curating the whole Festival), who as luck would have it is a professional caterer, and a very brilliant one at that.

So now I’m all caked up for the day – and tonight we’re having a dinner party with crumble for pudding. No more baked goods for a while after this, I think…