brunch and more crafts

This morning we went to have brunch with Mark Ravenhill – very exciting as I’d not actually met him before (Will lit his first opera Intolerance at this year’s Tete a Tete festival at Riverside). So I had assumed it would be a small affair with some orange juice and maybe the odd sausage but there were about 20 of us, constant champagne (admittedly with orange juice in bucks fizz form) and lots of smoked salmon (on bagels). High glamour for a Sunday morning. Plus I met a lovely composer called Isobel who I might collaborate with on some more puppet operas. I’m going to convince Will that we should start having power brunches for the great and good of the theatrical world. Or at least for the ones we know.

Then back home for more arts and crafts – painting the board that will go outside the cafe where The Man With the Flower in His Mouth takes place. So when you come and see the show you can look at those little twirls and miniature flowers (in the style of the trailer – I’m all about aesthetic continuity) and know that a lot of work went into them, by me, still slightly drunk on bucks fizz!