proper rehearsals

Today we get stuck back into rehearsals proper, again, after a two month gap. Very strangely we rehearsed the whole of The Man With the Flower in His Mouth back in August because our lead actor – the wonderful Samuel Collings – had a job at The Royal Exchange in Manchester through-out Sept/Oct. So we got up to performance standard and then put the show on ice, barring one refresher session in the middle when Sam cam back to London for a day. And now we have 3 days to get it back to up to speed, up to scratch, just generally ‘up, and then we open on Wednesday. Terrifying.

Nonetheless a fascinating, and totally new (to me) way of rehearsing a show. I’m still rather optimistically hoping it will have created a very deep and rich performance that is very much in the actors bones and muscle memory (as seemed the case during our little refresher day), though certainly we’ll have to work hard over the next few days to regain some of the detail and subtlety. And I think it’s been most strange for Heather, our producer, because we don’t have the same sense of impending panic (yet) that you get towards the end of a rehearsal period, and which is often quite productive for that last final push of press, marketing and general administrative bumpf that needs to happen before first night.