lovely supermodels

So this morning I went to have a breakfast meeting with a supermodel who might I might be directing in a play next year. She was the nicest and most down-to-earth person I’ve met in ages. Who’d have known? I hope it all comes off – she really was just one of the loveliest people – amazing!

And now off to more Flower Man rehearsals – yesterday was good – and in fact artistically I’m feeling pretty happy – it’s now just the logistics of rearranging chairs and tables etc. Because the space is so small there isn’t room for a large team which means it’s pretty much just me and the actors making it all happen (no stage management at all) and juggling chairs and coffee cupsbetween us. Luckily we’ve just got a lovely actor called Jessica Guise, fresh out of drama school (Bristol Old Vic) to come on board to ‘play’ the Waitress/Front of House person so that makes life a bit easier. Also she’s a truly brilliant performer which is actually pretty crucial because it’s the smallest parts (in this she has a line and a half) that are often the hardest. So maybe she’ll become a Metta Theatre regular…