octopus and allegiances

More circus and puppets this morning – surprisingly wasn’t too stiff after yesterday’s exertions. We spent the morning playing with an octopus puppet made from an umbrella with each leg attached to a spoke (with a child’s shoe attached to each end – it’s a baby octopus) so much fun. Then a mad dash accross town to start rehearsals for The Prophets and the Puppets (the play I’m directing for Coalition).

Read-through went well, and then some initial table work on the script – and we also made a quick video of bits which seems to consist mostly of me  laughing!

And then, as I always like to do on the first day of rehearsals I cooked everyone dinner and we all had a few bottles of wine. But it got me thinking how quickly one changes allegiance as a director – until last night I was living and breathing The Man With the Flower in His Mouth, this morning the Circus R+D became number one priority and now this afternoon it’s shifted onto the Coalition play. Which is not to say I won’t check in with Flower Man again, but I find it amazing, especially when I’m very busy to so totally compartmentalize my different commitments.