The theme of today is sharing. This morning we had a ‘sharing’ of the circus and puppetry work we’ve been developing over the week in Jackson’s Lane. It went well, I think – we were happy with it and the children in the audience came up on stage to dance at the end, so that’s a good sign! And Will and Heather came to watch, and got to take home a cardboard sea-horse so they were happy. Then we had an epic 5 hour meeting about Metta Theatre and the point and purpose of the company – the upshot of which was also basically that we need to share more, both in the sense of communication (sharing information) and in sharing the workload in times of great busyness.

Then more Coalition rehearsals – which to complete the sharing theme – were full of collaboration (one might say coalition) with everyone throwing in their ideas. Which is exactly how I like to work – all about sharing and democracy.

Still getting used to having the writer in the room (I mostly work with dead writers – they don’t talk back!) but so far it is an utter joy as Nimer Rashed is not only a brilliant writer but the most brilliant collaborator – open, generous and humble. We’ve already started talking about our next collaboration together – he’s going to write a longer play for me to direct – hopefully next year. I can’t wait!