meeting meeting meeting odyssey

Today we had a break from rehearsals – or in other words a chance to catch up on some meetings. Started with a Metta meeting – or rather debrief – on The Man With the Flower in His Mouth. Not quite as epic as our 5 hour meeting of last saturday but still…actually it was 4 hours. Hmmmmm – on the plus side plans for that touring next year are shaping up nicely and in the middle of the meeting we got sent our lovely Spectator review!

Then off to Hampstead Theatre where if all goes to plan I’ll be directing the supermodel in her stage debut next year (in their newly opened, downstairs studio for experimental new writing). Then the briefest of brief meetings at the Young Vic about some more puppetry workshops I’m running there next week (literally 10 minute meeting – Metta could learn a thing or two from that kind of efficiency) and then a wonderful evening of playing with The Factory (whose amazing and cult hit Hamlet I assisted on a few years ago) as they de-construct and re-construct Homer’s Odyssey.

Back into rehearsals tomorrow – time to make some cuts (we’re a little over our strict 20 minute limit for Coalition) or alternatively get the actors to speak really fast! That’s my preference – I just keep telling them it’s like The Wire!