the wire

My amazing piece of direction to act like it’s the Wire – i.e just to speak faster – has paid off in a major way – we’ve gone from 31 minutes to 21. Brilliant! Now only one more day of rehearsals til we go into tech though – aaargh! We’re still haven’t even tried the whole OHP shadow puppet opening sequence. And we don’t get costumes til the tech!

Also a day of more juggling – fielding emails about The Man With the Flower in His Mouth tour, and the Waiting tour and Sexing The Cherry (my Jeanette Winterson adaptation that is finally happening, touch wood, at Southbank Centre next summer) and the Hampstead project. Plus another two shows that are still so unformed I’d better not even name them yet. Busy mcBusy.

Then off to New Cross to catch the show again – it’s settled in nicely – and the Southbank were in tonight, and liked it, so hopefully it’ll happen in one of their cafe spaces to kick off the 2011 tour. Yay!