too much trains…

Today I spent nearly 8 hours on trains. Not good. Brain addled. But worth it because had a wonderful meeting at Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds where I might be working next year, hopefully. Hurrah!

Also a train journey is a wonderful thing – especially as I can’t get email on my phone at the moment – it’s like an enforced holiday. I read Anna Karenina (not all of it, of course) which is interesting reading on a train, given the subject matter. Still a bit annoyed with the old British Rail though – if I hadn’t been delayed and missed connections and delayed again etc I might be a bit less addled. Then again, maybe I wouldn’t! And I did see, a heron, a pheasant and a colony of rabbits. It’s pretty rural in Suffolk.

And then back to London for a great meeting at the Southbank about Sexing The Cherry which is hopefully all go for 2011. Next year is getting busier by the day. Bring it on!