double bill

Gosh that was a surprisingly late night – the Metta party went on til 4.30am! Then, when I eventually dragged myself out of bed, had a meeting with th producer of the Riverside Show which has now morphed from being a Noel Coward play to Barrie Keeffe play (Gotcha). But still, exciting – and have to get a move on with casting (rehearsals start in Feb!!!)

Then went to meet a potential actor for Sexing the Cherry next summer – possibly the most beautiful man I’ve ever met – like a young Johnny Depp. But also strangely clown-like. Not sure if he’s right for STC but nonetheless I’m hooked!

Then a double-bill of my shows as Colin Blumenau came down (up?) from Bury St Edmunds to see some of my work – so caught the 7pm show of Flower Man, jumped in the car and then got there at the interval of Coalition in time to see The Prophets and The Puppets (which is the last of the 5 shows).

Phew! Bedtime.