riverside meeting

Having held out this long I fear I am now (alas) succumbing to the seasonal flu/cold that is going round. No hooray for that. Anyway, onwards – had a Metta meeting to bring everyone up to speed on where we all are with the various tours and plans for next year. And now off to Riverside to meet the designer of the show I’m directing there in Feb/March next year. Still very strange for me working with anyone (as a designer) other than Will as I’ve literally only not worked with him TWICE out of all the shows I’ve ever directed in the last 5 years!

Then a dinner party with a fellow freelance director – good friend James Bounds (currently staff Director on Nick Hytner’s Hamlet at the National). Unfortunately we are (read ‘Will is’) also re-fitting our kitchen this weekend – so I think it’s going to be a dinner party consisting of champagne and take-away!