going home

The snow is falling thick and fast. Went into town this morning for a quick meeting with the Supermodel’s agent to try and work out a time to have a reading of the play at Hampstead in Jan. Hope we can work it all out before everyone leaves for Christmas.

And yesterday was the last day of wonderful wonderful Points of Light R+D. So rich, so inspiring, so much material from three days. Hooray! And the staff at the Hangar are so lovely and so supportive. Which is just as well as we’ll be spending a lot of time there next year trainng Loren up.

Now to jump on a train back to the West Country for a pre-Christmas Christmas with my family (as I’m spending actual Christmas in London with Will who has a get-in for Theatre Deli’s A Doll’s House starting on Boxing day!!!) Hope the trains will be alright with all this snow…