meetings meetings meetings

Hurrah for meetings. Fund-raising meeting, followed by Southbank Centre meeting, followed by meeting with an author, follower by meeting with a composer, followed by another meeting with the same composer (plus costume designer and aerial choreographer). Followed by dinner party. Followed by bed…well the bed is still to come after I catch up on all the days emails I’ve missed by being in meetings.

Off to Hampstead Theatre tomorrow for another meeting – about the supermodel project.  Fingers crossed.


Another fairly quiet admin-y day. We were meant to have a Metta re-brand de-brief meeting but that was postponed due to illness. So nothing fixed until more Odyssey this evening.

But was up half the night doing more re-writes on Sexing The Cherry – after yesterday’s fruitful and inspiring meetings I’m now abuzz with new ideas and creative energy. So time for another draft – onwards!

cherry day

So today I’m meeting with another actor/musician (Gwendolen Chatfield) for next year’s Sexing The Cherry (who coincidentally was also one of the Coalition collaborators) and then having a meeting with an illustrator who Will might work with for the video design – the lovely Jack Bedeman who did the illustrations for our V&A commission (which was an off-shoot of STC – focusing on the stories of the 12 Dancing Princesses). So a very Cherry-oriented day. Hurrah.


Last night both Flower Man and Coalition closed. Sad times, but Flower Man is definitely touring next year and hopefully The Prophets and the Puppets might have another life too – perhaps at the Little Angel Theatre.

Today I’m baby-sitting all day for another young Director (Frances Loy) who has a gorgeous 2 year old boy – he’s napping now – all good practice for the future! Meanwhile she’s rehearsing A Doll’s House for Theatre Delicatessen, designed by Will – in an new all-female version brilliantly adapted from the original Ibsen by Sophie Reynolds (my sister-in-law).

double bill

Gosh that was a surprisingly late night – the Metta party went on til 4.30am! Then, when I eventually dragged myself out of bed, had a meeting with th producer of the Riverside Show which has now morphed from being a Noel Coward play to Barrie Keeffe play (Gotcha). But still, exciting – and have to get a move on with casting (rehearsals start in Feb!!!)

Then went to meet a potential actor for Sexing the Cherry next summer – possibly the most beautiful man I’ve ever met – like a young Johnny Depp. But also strangely clown-like. Not sure if he’s right for STC but nonetheless I’m hooked!

Then a double-bill of my shows as Colin Blumenau came down (up?) from Bury St Edmunds to see some of my work – so caught the 7pm show of Flower Man, jumped in the car and then got there at the interval of Coalition in time to see The Prophets and The Puppets (which is the last of the 5 shows).

Phew! Bedtime.


So this afternoon I’m off to meet a young Iranian artist who wants to move into directing – sounds really interesting. Then a meeting with Sue Emmas at the Young Vic about creating/curating some more events about the director/designer relationship (which we’ve been doing for the last few months, to great success it appears).

Then a battle through the snow and emergency trains to New Cross to check in on The Man With the Flower in His Mouth again. Soho are in tonight…exciting.

In the mean time full of inspiration for more Sexing The Cherry re-writes after the best email in the world from Nimer Rashed who has totally become another artistic soul-mate (as well as Will and Jess Dannheisser). Maybe Kate Lane my costume designer is one too… so today I say hooray for artistic partnership! And also hooray for this great article Nim sent me with his email – epic and domestic (also a theme of last night’s Odyssey session) – this is what STC, and indeed my work in general, is all about.

northampton and homer

Another lovely train journey to another lovely regional theatre – Northampton in the snow is very pretty. And Laurie Sansom (in all weathers I suspect) is very lovely.  Hopefully The Man With the Flower in His Mouth might go there on it’s great UK cafe tour next year. And, more hopefully still, perhaps I’ll direct something at the Theatre Royal in the not too distant future.

Then home for a quick snack of a burnt chocolate brownie (can’t understand who it gets burnt in the microwave on the de-frost setting?) and then off to Factory HQ for another session on the Odyssey. I’ve been re-reading it on the train. Epic. I love it.