more re-drafting

Another nice quiet bank-holiday-ish day of pootling about. Made some more changes to the Sexing The Cherry script, but have sent the draft round to the actors already for the ready so will have to wait til after the Young Vic reading on the 18th to implement them.

Began reading a brilliant book (one of my Christmas presents) called Why does e=mc2? which has reminded me that I’m meant to be co-writing/adapting my good friend David Bodanis‘ book e=mc2 into a play/theatre piece. I do love a good bit of popular science. Maybe in these few days of relative calm I should crack on with that before busyness descends again. He should be finished with his book on the ten commandments soon so it’s about time we got on with it (like STC it’s been on the back burner for about 4 years now)…