Off in to town this morning to meet my LD for Gotcha, the lovely Gary Bowman. Still very strange though, for me not to be working with Will. Good though, it’ll be a whole new kind of creative process, involving no kissing (hopefully, for Will’s sake!). Then back home to chat costumes for Gotcha with my set/costume designer Olivia Altaras – we trawled through the Metta store and found some wonderfully hideous 70s items for our lead actress to wear (here’s hoping she doesn’t read this blog).

Now about to have a cup of tea with a young writer who’s sent me his first play. It’s rather brilliant but totally unlike anything I’ve ever directed – very straight, very Peter Gill, domestic and subtle and a bit heart-wrenching. So we’ll see where that leads. I always like to do different things so who knows.

Then off to the Factory tonight for another Odyssey session, while over in Bond Street it’s the first night of Will’s Dolls House. Break a leg Theatre Deli.