Met a wonderful actress this morning called Jasmine Hyde – going to work with her on a reading – lovely lovely lovely.

And the Gotcha auditions yesterday were great – if a little shambolic because of late trains and and late actors. Met a brilliant young actor called Jake Roche – getting him back in for recalls next week – so all in all hooray for great actors!

Today I’ve been writing up the physical score/synopsis for Points of Light – possibly all still rather unintelligible and just a series of adjectives and nouns…well mostly just adjectives, but it’s a start.

Then this afternoon we’re having an aesthetic meeting with Will and Jack Bedeman (our illustrator) to talk about the video-scape for Sexing the Cherry. And just got off the phone with Layla, our aerial choreographer for that, to chat about the aerial equipment and how that will be a part of the aesthetic. So lots to mull over.