stories and the future

Started with a meeting at the Gate where their rather beautiful (don’t tell Will) and incredibly generous producer of Gate Outdoors (James ) gave Heather and I the low-down on touring site-specific work (aka The Man With the Flower in His Mouth).  Such a great and positive meeting that we’re now thinking much wider than just our little regional UK tour – it’s all about the international festivals and cracking America…I feel a bit like a rock star.

So then Heather and I wandered around Notting Hill and then the Cut, down in Southwark, to look for quirky little cafes into which Flower Man might fit for a few London previews…so watch this space.

Then a production meeting/model showing for Gotcha, which went well but our poor designer Libby always goes away and sneaks more stuff back into the model and then as soon as I see it I take it all out – no one wants a box set full of realism! Or at least I don’t. But she takes it very well and I have to remember I’m not working with Will (the king of minimalist sets and dark lighting) Reynolds.

Then a mad dash back to the flat, in the pouring rain, to audition another actor for Gotcha – I do love my Lamda boys – but still a few more to see over the weekend so we’ll see…

Then…phew…a three hour one-on-one session with Sam (Collings) – the star of all Metta shows this year, pretty much – to work on Sexing The Cherry in advance of the Young Vic reading on Tues. He is a joy. And it’s so good grappling with it – the stories are just brilliant and the language is lush lush lush, but it’s still a tricky beast because it refuses to be put into the box labelled ‘play’.

Now some gnocchi and an early night. I’m quite glad it’s the weekend, it’s been quite a full on week!