stc day

I’m very tired. Turns out there’s quite a lot going on in my little adaptation of Jeanette Winterson’s classic. So spent all day in the flat working through the text around our table – our poor Lecoq trained actors were visibly champing at the bit to get up and do something physical. Lots of discoveries but also as many questions.

Then over to the Young Vic in the evening for the reading, which ended up a lot more staged than I’d anticipated (probably all the Lecoq lot suddenly being in a proper space and going mad jumping up onto stage blocks and things). But I had the epiphany coming home that I’ve never had such a public reading for my work as a writer/adaptor – the plays I’ve adapted have just gone on and then the feedback is for the performance. But a reading in this instance is a much more exposing thing for a writer – because it’s really all about the words (though of course most of them come from Jeanette originall). Still…scary. But brilliant, and the rest of the creative team were all scribbling away in their notebooks so hopefully provocative.