Today I had many meetings – which has I suppose been a recurring pattern over the last month – though quite looking forward to the less scattered recurring pattern of actually being in rehearsals for three weeks, starting next Tues.

Started with a meeting at the Young Vic about running more Director/Designer workshops – so many ideas – I think we’ve probably got a year’s worth of workshops to do! Then met with a peer director – Lucy Bradley – wanting advice on setting up her new theatre company (Pinhole Theatre). In other happy company news Metta became a charity today – hurrah! And it’s great advising people on their companies because it makes me articulate (and more fundamentally simply think about) how we run ours.

Then met up with the wonderful Nimer to talk about all our future collaborations – which shall be marvellous and many. And then another meeting with another peer director – Sarah Chew who runs Critical Mass with whom I also hope to collaborate in the exciting and hopefully not too distant future.