Wow, I still haven’t blogged about last thurs and Fri. I’m getting remiss. I’m so busy my head is spinning (like a whirlpool that never ends).

So what have I been up to? Spent thurs morning cooking for this massive dinner party we had that night, then off to southbank for site visit for STC, followed by budget meeting, followed by creative production meeting – there are so many creatives on that show my main task isn’t directing the actors but simply marshalling the creative team. We’ve still yet to get everyone in the same room at the same time, but hopefully at least small pockets of the team are on the same page as eachother and of me. Then a quick dash across town for a meeting with a venue who might co-produce this tempest/winters tale/pericles project. Then back to the flat just in time for our first guest to arrive for dinner.

Then Friday…started with a 9am meeting with a movement director – lovely and amazing artist Clare Whistler – who I met at D&D and who I hope to collaborate with on something. Then a brilliant meeting with Jo Read, who runs Lamda, on how to run regional theatres – which is definitely one of the dreams. Then back to the flat for some intensive email and admin before I left for the weekend for my friend’s hen do. So hoping to switch off completely for the weekend but got phone call from Hampstead at 6.30 scheduling a meeting tomorrow so have had to do furtive early morning emailing to stay on top of things. Nonetheless it’s still been a glorious and super relaxed weekend so feel in a really happy place to start Gotcha rehearsals from on Tues. Now off to brunch…