press night

Press night was a blast! They gave a great performance, and the press seemed to enjoy it. Riverside is a funny place though – because of all the filming they do – it’s a tv studio as well as a theatre – there’s always an absurd number of celebrities and paparazzi hanging around. So I was just giving one of my cast some notes in the corridor and Olly Murs just casually walks past, and the day before that it was Rory Bremner. Last night of course, was Shane Ritchie (his son Jake is our lead actor), wonder who’ll be around next week?

Then home to a plate of chips and bed. Nice.

Now catching up on emails in bed with a large mug of camomile tea and Will’s laptop. Off to meet a young graduating director in a bit, then going to Cambridge to catch up with my favourite conductor – Carlos Del Cueto and then catch The Seagull at the ADC.