not so quiet

March was meant to be my quiet month! Spent all weekend working – had a technical meeting on Saturday to look at the video/animations for Sexing The Cherry, then battled the elements to get to Riverside and check in on the Gotcha cast. Then Sunday spent most of the day working on a proposal for a new project – too top secret at this stage to name (oh the intrigue) in between cooking sunday lunch for Mark Ravenhill, who is an utter delight (and Will is working with him at the moment) but I find inordinately intimidating. Hopefully he couldn’t tell.

Then today more work on the proposal, then off to Riverside to sort out a table (what?!!!) and then some script work with the supermodel on the one-woman show. Then back to Riverside, hopefully in time for the show, and definitely in time for Nimer’s post-show play reading, and then some important schmoozing in the bar with some important audience members…

Desperate for a day off, but I’m going to sit in a barn in Sussex on Thursday (with my Movement Director for STCClare Whistler) so that will probably do it. No idea how to get there yet but am sure all will be revealed.

All very cryptic today, isn’t it?