on the meetings train again

Sat in Riverside bar, wanting to blog before midnight. Just discovered several people actually read this….so hello fans! All five of you. Hooray, I have five fans.

Had a great meeting with Stephen Unwin at the Rose Theatre in Kingston, about directing something there next year.  What a beautiful space. Then a meeting with Heather and Leo over at the Young Vic, about STC, then a quick dash up to highgate to check out a cafe for the London leg of the Flower Man tour.

Then off to riverside to see the show and be on the panel for a post show talk, with Barrie Keeffe, Phil Davis (the original kid), Jake Roche (our kid) and Dominic Cavendish. Great debate. And my dad is up from the West Country to see the show, so he’s now holding forth at the table while I catch up on this. Better get back to the debate…