the day of revelations (in a barn)

Spent all day in a barn in Sussex. What a wonderful day, a day of revelations and resolutions. I feel so inspired, so energised and so healed by that space. The space, the air, the view, the silence, have clarified so many things for me, in my art and in my life. What a wonderful refuge. What a powerful place to germinate ideas and have conversations that unlock everything. I want to come back again and again and again.

Clare Whistler, my movement director for STC, is artist-in-residence there, so we sat and had a conversation about STC – which I’m now about to re-draft again in a major way (finally understood – or ‘heard’ what my dramaturg had been banging on about for ages about the nature of storyelling and dramatic action). Also feel much clearer about the direction of Points of Light too. And life. And the world.

Then had a great conversation/phone meeting on the train home with Layla – my aerial choreographer for both those shows. Again lots of revelations, resolutions and clarity. Hurrah.

I think the barn might actually be a little bit magic – visit it. Everyone.