happy monday

Started the day with some happy early morning emails, then jumped on the tube to meet my agent at the Soho, with a seventeenth century farthingale (like a proto-type tutu) slung over my shoulder. As you do. Filled her in on my various exploits – it’s all changing so quickly at the moment, I think she can hardly keep up.

Then met up with a potential stage manager for STC who jumped on the train with me and accompanied me to Loren’s aerial training (that’s who the farthingale was for) and also induction at The Hangar. So she can officially practice there on her own now (after just 5 lessons) because she is that hardcore.

Spent the weekend working on the latest draft of STC – some massive dramaturgical changes over the weekend which I’m desperate to share with my dramaturg, but he’s out of bounds this week as he gets married on Friday. Still, I think he’ll be pleased when he sees the latest version – I’ve basically done all the things he’s been trying to get me to do all along. And the play is so much better for it. Damn. Why didn’t I listen to him earlier!

Also found out over the weekend I’ve been nominated for an Off West End award for Best Director for Gotcha.  So a pretty good weekend all things considered.