stc day and not stc day

Didn’t blog yesterday, that was remiss of me. No excuse, wasn’t even that busy – just had a few meetings and the usual email mountain. So belatedly (from the Q&A on Tuesday) can I just say for the record I fucking love Rufus Norris. He is amazing.

Today was good – started with an early morning meeting for STC – fund-raising fun. Hmmm, oxymoron? Then spent the morning with Loren (star of STC) advising her on how to set up her own theatre company (which she is currently doing Curious Eye Theatre – it will amazing, how could it not be, so watch this space…) Then we both saw Will‘s show at the Young Vic – an education production with 70 children with special needs performing in it, along with two professional actors (one also an aerialist, one also a musician – it was a bit like STC). Just the most amazing and beautiful work. Massive well done to the directors Abigail Graham & Rachel Bagshaw – can’t begin to imagine how much hard work it must have been, and so sensitively and beautifully handled.

Then had a meeting with Kate to continue the STC costume design process – which Loren tagged along with for the first part, then they classily went to take measurements in the toilets of the Young Vic while I had a quick text with Jeanette. Then back home for a phone meeting with Layla to discuss the progress of the aerial choreography for STC.

So all in all a very STC day, though also not, because we were meant to be having a read-through of the latest draft and dinner for the whole team at our place tonight which for various reasons fell through. But of course there’ll be other dinners, and certainly other read-throughs!