the wests and the first folio

Spent the morning working on a massive document for Stc that is like the best spreadsheet in the world, with different rows for aerial, music, lighting etc plots as well as to show which actors are in which scene. Plus it’s on Google docs so I can share it with the whole team. I’m sure I was a stage manager in another life.

Then spent the afternoon rehearsing with Sam & Tim West for this rehearsed reading from the First Folio. I was more nervous than I’ve ever been about anything. Ever. Who knows why? Maybe it was the possibility of my sneezing on an object worth more than a million pounds (I know!) Or maybe it was working with two of the best classical actors in the world. But I didn’t really have to direct them, obviously, because they’re amazing. Must remember that for next time – no need for nerves if you have the best acting and the best writing in the world.

Shakespeare is a legend. Even more than Rufus Norris.