day three and day four

Yesterday – more rehearsing. And went to have lunch and a recce of the space in our London cafe for The Man With the Flower in His Mouth – the gorgeous and super camp Dean & Hudson – lovely food and even lovelier staff. Quite a lot of pink and gold though, not sure how well our costumes hold up under the bling decor. Then off to a quick meeting with a producer before we did another workshop at the Young Vic – this time on Producing models/making your own work. Interesting. And I hope useful, for the participants.

Today – off for a meeting/interview at the Soho – fingers crossed – but all very vague so don’t quite know what exactly I’m crossing them for. Still. Wearing my lucky pants too, just in case. Then afternoon and evening rehearsals to look forward to – we need to work out how dark (or not as the case may be) it’ll actually be outside, during the show. It’s not like last year when it was pitch black by 5pm. Hmmm – wonder how credible it will be that it’s gone midnight?