day five, fabrics and sketches, and touring

Busy bank holiday – opened and pressed Flower Man – going well though really took a quite a lot of re-staging and re-thinking to play well in the new space – turns out the beautiful spring weather has been both a blessing and a curse as it’s still very light during the first performance each night and it’s supposedly ‘just gone midnight’. Ah well.

Then yesterday had a Metta meeting, followed by a costume meeting for STC – got brilliantly involved in feeling fabric samples – Kate has found an amazing white-with-an-irridsecent-sheen linen for Loren’s costume. Very cool. Nice to feel like an artist every now and again. Then an epic animation meeting for STC going through on paper the whole illustration/animation plot. Also very cool and super exciting, though a terrifying amount of work to do on that over the next month. Then off to a dinner party with our friends Baz Theatre.

And today we’re off on tour – heading over to Heather’s in an hour to jump in the Metta Mobile (otherwise known as Dave) and drive to Oxford for our first leg of the Flower Man tour…