The show went wonderfully well last night, and everyone at the Playhouse seemed to like it, so that’s good. Then had a meeting with them this morning about co-producing some shows with us next year – all very exciting, and not a little inspiring. Then we swung by the Story Museum which will open in 2014 and is being realised by the wonderful Tish Francis, who used to run the Playhouse. An incredibly inspiring place that will be a museum, gallery, cafe, bookshop, performance space and a place to dream. As they put it – opening windows into other worlds. Magic. Let’s go tell some stories there.

Now on the train back to London. And an afternoon of admin and e-mail. But I’m going to write a play some time this week – just a ten minute one – so maybe I’ll squeeze that in too, this evening. It’s going to involve a piano, that’s all I know so far.