a hard day

Sometimes it’s not all sweetness and light. Ah well. In the spirit of Devoted & Disgruntled everything that happens is the only thing that could have.

And I had a great meeting with our STC producer Leo and a very fun interview in Cambridge – I might be directing another G&S at the Arts Theatre in the autumn. I’d inadvertently dressed slightly like a pirate in stripes and my brown boots, which was apt as the show is Pirates of Penzance.

But lots of tricky  negotiations going on. Hmmm. This is the year of amazing, it’s true, and also a year of great learning. And lightened somewhat by the lovely dinner of beans on toast (almost as good as chips, I think) that Will has just made for me – and dinner before 11pm – that’s an improvement.

Oh and I did manage to write a play last night. It is only 7 pages long, and it may be awful. But it is my first play.