still catching up

Just pootling along trying to gently catch up. Did another radio interview for Flower Man this afternoon – for BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester and tonight am off to the Young Vic to run another Director/Designer workshop, but I think Will is going to take the lead so I can just sit quietly in the corner. And it’s on costume so Kate Lane is coming in to help facilitate it as well. In the mean time she is busy beavering away on the STC costumes – had one fitting at the weekend, and hopefully will have some more this week as well, it’s all coming along beautifully (pictures to follow). She’s such an artist.

I rather enjoy radio interviews, I’ve decided, because you can just sit around in a dressing gown and nobody knows…except of course the few people who read this blog.

Yesterday was equally gentle – just working from home and then dinner and a planning meeting at Loren’s for the launch party (May 30th) of her new theatre company Curious Eye. Will and I are ‘Associate Artists’.