getting back in the world

Yesterday was a bit full on, went to Kate’s studio for a costume fitting with the wonderful Tim Fitzhigham who plays John Tradescant in Stc, then we ambled along to the Southbank Centre – Kate’s studio is in Lambeth – wandering along the Thames and chatting about character is a very nice way to get back into the world, although also pretty madly busy & frenetic. Then met Loren and a potential producer for lunch to discuss the future of Points of Light. All exciting and evolving daily. It’s going to be a very different show now that It’s under the banner of Loren’s company Curious Eye rather than metta, and a great challenge for me.

Then set off to Stratford for the press night of the RSC’s Merchant of Venice. Amazing, though very Rupert Goold (who directed it). I’ve befriended a theatre critic so I got a lift there with her and another critic, which was a wonderful insight into their lives. Being a critic is a pretty thankless task I realised as we sat in the car until half eleven while they were frantically typing by the light of a nearby lamp post to file their copy as soon as possible so that it could be published in today’s papers.

Meanwhile I had thought I’d do some preparatory work on the Stc script but I wasn’ the mood so I started a short story instead – just finishing it off now. Rather enjoying this new found strand of my career as a writer!