a day off

We can’t rehearse Fridays so I’m having a day off, of sorts. What a luxury. But the last two days have been 12 hour days so in a way I just compressed five days of rehearsals into four. But it’s going well. We’ve had laughter, we’ve had tears (onstage, not off…yet), we’ve had fruit juggling we’ve had fruit dropped on the floor (well that was by me and was a mistake), we’ve had music and dance (ish) and the show is slowly…well no – actually terrifyingly quickly -coming together.

And now I have a chance to catch up on the admin I’ve been studiously ignoring for the last two weeks. And tonight off to Jacksons Lane to see one of the triple bills of new works that are (like us) part of the Postcards Festival running there til mid-July of new circus, cabaret and experimental work. Can’t wait…


Going well, but getting very tired. Already. All sorts of fun with juggling fruit and ballet shoes. Now off to have a quick Tempest meeting. Then sleep – tomorrow we’re rehearsing 9am-10pm…eek!

day three or four…

Depending on if you count yesterday.

All day one on one with Loren. Hardcore. Some good discoveries though. And then a production meeting over lunch and now leading a puppetry workshop with Baz Theatre Company. I think chips will definitely be in order on the way home…

day off

Sort of. But up to Walthamstow in the evening to meet Janet – our Dog-Woman in Sexing The Cherry and do some pre-rehearsal text work. And eat pizza.

The sausage sandwiches last night were a triumph…and the best thing about sausage sandwiches for supper is cold sausage sandwiches for breakfast the next day. Maybe this blog should be more about theatre and less about food?

day two

A great day. Whispering secrets in actors ears and more apple juggling. Not to mention lots of great music written by Jess. And tonight I have a dinner of sausage sandwiches to look forward to – I’ve put the breadmaker on a timer so will be ready when I walk in the door this evening.Yes.

day one

Day one of stage rehearsals for Stc. Very fun, very mad. Contact juggling with an apple, finding invisible boxes under skirts and tightrope walking on the floor.

Then a quick technical meeting with the technician at Jacksons Lane – the brilliant and rather gorgeous Duncan Strang. Then home to emails and an early night.