a day off

We can’t rehearse Fridays so I’m having a day off, of sorts. What a luxury. But the last two days have been 12 hour days so in a way I just compressed five days of rehearsals into four. But it’s going well. We’ve had laughter, we’ve had tears (onstage, not off…yet), we’ve had fruit juggling we’ve had fruit dropped on the floor (well that was by me and was a mistake), we’ve had music and dance (ish) and the show is slowly…well no – actually terrifyingly quickly -coming together.

And now I have a chance to catch up on the admin I’ve been studiously ignoring for the last two weeks. And tonight off to Jacksons Lane to see one of the triple bills of new works that are (like us) part of the Postcards Festival running there til mid-July of new circus, cabaret and experimental work. Can’t wait…