flying again

A busy weekend spent going up to Northampton on Saturday to catch Laurie’s beautiful new production of Eden End at the Theatre Royal, and yesterday working with the movement director and four of the six cast of Sexing The Cherry. Clare is so busy with other shows in June that we only really had yesterday to work with her, and snuck in a quick costume fitting around that too. Then back home for a phone meeting with Layla to talk about the aerial choreography, which we were getting stuck back into today.

Yesterday was a delight though, lovely to see the cast transform themselves into dogs in the most unlikely ways. And then to create a king from a pineapple and a violin case. Which we ate at the end of the day. The pineapple, that is. A mad day, exhausting too. But very fun.

And today we spent the day at Jacksons Lane again revisiting the aerial choreography – and creating some new doubles moments where Sam and loren are on the equipment together. It’s so exciting seeing it all begin to come together – and they just work so beautifully together, the pair of them. And we had Michelle Dickson, Artistic Director of Oxford Playhouse, in this afternoon observing, which was doubly lovely because she’s going to tell all the other regional theatres about us and what we’ve been working on which will hopefully help us for the future life of the show, but more importantly she gave us some really positive feedback on what we’re doing and how genuinely exciting it is to marry text & circus, and even more simply narrative & circus in a genuine & integrated way. So hooray all round.

launch and letters

The Curious Eye Launch party was a roaring success on Monday. And the rest of the week is mostly being taken up with prep for Stc rehearsals which start next week. And letter writing to invite people along – so far lots of regionals are coming, all on the 1st, which is the first night, so let’s hope we’re ready for them.