Dream continued

Greece was wonderful and a lovely rest (though I did eat my own now-significantly-heavier body-weight in calamari and dolmades). Now back to the Dream grind. Spent all day auditioning (also managed a sneaky audition in Athens airport because my sister-in-law’s boyfriend is an actor – surreal experience waiting to check-in with someone whispering Shakespearean verse in your ear) and then had a meeting/dinner with our composer for that – we’re setting it in the twenties (the era in which I set everything) so hopefully will have a bit of jazz in there, maybe even some Charleston-ing!

Also got back from Greece with an offer in my inbox to direct Arabian Nights for Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama for their Christmas show – hurrah! And it’s the Dominic Cooke adaptation so hopefully he’ll come and give me a job at the Royal Court. Double hurrah!