the park, motley and soho

This morning I went to look around a new theatre in Finsbury Park, called The Park. Amazing that anyone can build anything at the moment but they’re doing it, and it’s going to be an amazing space I think (200 seat thrust stage in the main house, with a 90 seat studio). Exciting. I wish we had a building. Do I? If it had a cafe I could get free chips, but I’d probably spend most of the time bogged down in meetings about toilet rolls (no pun intended) and have no time to make theatre. Anyway, we might do the Tempest/Winters Tale/Pericles project there…watch this space.

Then met Will for a quick whiz round the latest (and possibly last) Motley graduate exhibition, which was beautiful and inspiring. And then an even quicker lunch before I dashed up to the Soho to meet with our STC producer for a bit of a de-brief. Then home for an afternoon of phone calls to regional Theatres in a bid to make this STC tour happen. Let’s see who bites…