new plays and new operas

The RADA reading of The Acid Test went very well last night – it’s amazing what you can achieve with very little rehearsal time (5 hours). I don’t know what I’d do at the RSC, where they have ten weeks to rehearse. Ten weeks! I could rehearse three plays in that time…but then you always use the time you have.

Anyway, Anya Reiss is a great writer it’s like directing a musical score, the rhythms are so precise. I’m really getting into my new writing at the moment, strange, the different paths one takes in a career. Perhaps it’s because I’m beginning to write myself, it’s opening up another whole aspect of theatre that I’d previously been relatively uninterested in.

And this afternoon I’m off to the National Theatre Studio where my friend James has been working all week on a new American play called Touch. Can’t wait to see what he’s done with it – he’s one of the best young directors I know so I’m sure it’ll be fabulous and as he’s been telling me the great thing about having a week of R+D at the National is that you get all the resources of the National behind you so you really get to explore the design/aesthetic and play with large spaces as well as getting into the nitty gritty of the text.

Then tonight I’m off to Riverside Studios to see some of the new operas in the Tete a Tete festival, with the composer I met last week (who might write an opera with me). I have no idea what the pieces are that we’re seeing but hopefully they’ll provoke something or at least give us a starting point for a shared vocabulary.

So it’s lots of newness all round. Feels quite exciting, feels like some sort of transition.