more new writing

The whole of August has been in one way or another a rather relaxing time work-wise. Everyone else was either in Edinburgh or on holiday so I gave up on doing much real work. But now suddenly the clouds have parted, or the fog has lifted, or some such appropriate metaphor, and everything’s beginning to gear up again. My inbox is filling up at a rate of knots, especially with emails from writers. It’s just as well I have just discovered this great love of new writing because if my inbox is anything to go on I’m going to spend the next year directing lots of new plays (once I’ve got Dream and Arabian Nights out of the way).

Spent the morning working on Arabian Nights in anticipation of my first design meeting tomorrow in the glamorous environs of Paddington Station. Also snuck in a bit of work on my new play, for which ideas are flowing thick and fast. Been reading a wonderful Kundera novel – Identity – which has been a bit of an inspiration.

Then had a delightful phone meeting with a young writer who promptly sent me three plays to read, which I intend to digest on the train tomorrow (heading back to the West Country yet again partly for more research on the play I’m writing, mostly to celebrate my sister’s GCSE results and see the wonderful Giffords Circus). And hopefully I’ll direct one, if not all of those, not to mention some operas of his father’s (who’s possibly the best concert pianist in the world). Intriguing…who are this mystery father and son artistic duo? All will be revealed in time…unless I’ve mentioned him before in earlier posts in which case work it out!

The moment I rang off from my mystery writer the phone rang again and I had the somewhat surreal experience of my Dream composer singing down the phone at me, with an idea for Oberon’s song. It was good, possibly not quite there yet, but lots of potential.

Then spent the rest of the afternoon with the ever brilliant Laura Wade who was kind enough to give me some feedback on the play-let I wrote back in the spring. And also some ideas for the new play I’m working on. I love her. Although she did rip my play apart. And even for that do I love her the more.

And now for an evening of film – Brideshead Revisited – research for Dream because we’re setting it in the 20s.