circles and puppets

Had a great design meeting with my designer for Arabian Nights – really excited about it – so far we’re thinking a lot about circles and object-theatre. I’m particularly excited about the puppets, which she’ll be designing and making from scratch, which maybe I can take home once the show’s over. So nice to be working on a show with a bit of budget for a change. So circles and maybe lots of gold. That’s that sorted. Next.

Then I read my plays on the train. Actually I only read two out of the three, because I read the second one twice. It was that good. And equipped with my new Lyndsey-Turner-style-rigour I am armed with lots of questions for the writer (and a burning desire to direct it) so hopefully that will work out.

I still haven’t quite resolved my fairies in Dream. My rigour has not yet come up with the goods. I think the answer is puppets and because of our twenties setting I’m quite interested in the Cottingley fairies and something quite simplistic and two-dimensional/papery/origami. But musically their world is slightly Andrews sisters close-harmony which feels a bit incongruous. Then again a papery aesthetic could help us with Bottom’s ears/tail transformation if we made them from paper. Who knows what will happen if it rains – the whole show is outdoors and totally open to the elements. Though I imagine if it rains then paper props dissolving may be the least of our worries.