a new play

Friday I did some work with Loren on the future of Points of Light and then we went to see Lab Collective’s utterly astounding Matador and the very funny, very clever improv troupe The Improsarios at Theatre 503.

Then on Saturday I started writing my next play. All very exciting. And then I jumped on a train back to the west country to do some research for it – one of the characters is a Samaritan, as is my mum, so I meant to interview her for it, though as it happened I got distracted by birthdays, pub quizzes and a trip to the beach. Oops. Will try again next time I’m back.

Now on the train back to London, having hopefully missed the bulk of the riots, on my way to Rada to direct a rehearsed reading of Anya Reiss’s The Acid Test, which will be on tomorrow night in the rada bar.


new opera

I was just feeling like it had been ages since I did any opera and then I had a meeting with a composer yesterday who is interested in writing an opera together, or several. So that’s exciting. And he has some brilliant starting points so hopefully at least one of them will come to something.

Also feeling the need to write a play – just read five Royal Court plays this morning (making a concerted effort to get more up on new writing) which have inspired me. I feel the story and the characters just sort of dancing on the edge of my consciousness, waiting to fully emerge.

And later today I’m off to meet a young director who, I think, wants advice on how to make it in theatre. Hmmm, how do you make it in theatre? I wish I knew…

half days

I don’t have a huge amount of work to do at the moment – I’m not sure anyone in the theatre does in August, unless they’re doing Edinburgh in which case they have all the work in the world.

So just making lots of phone calls and writing lots of emails. Had a meeting about the Tempest project yesterday in town – that was a good excuse to get out of the flat. Today’s excursion is to the Young Vic to see The Beauty Queen of Leenane. And I wrote another draft of my short play this morning, so that’s something – maybe I should get that on somewhere…

I should probably do some prep for Dream as well, but I sort of feel in limbo with it while the Producer is away (also in Greece, though we didn’t overlap) because ideally I’d like to know who our cast is before I think too much about the production and staging etc. And we can’t even really get started on the music because the composer doesn’t know what instruments he’s writing for until we cast it!