dead babies

I’ve seen lots of plays about dead babies lately, or if not about them then featuring them. Saved at the Lyric is the obvious one, with the famous baby-being-stoned-to-death-in-its-pram scene, but also in their different ways both Bang Bang Bang and Jumpy at the Court.  A strange sort of vogue.

In other news – done some more development work on Points of Light and also started writing another play myself, which, now that I think about it is sort of about… a dead baby.  Gosh, I’m so on trend.

Also had an entertaining weekend with the Belarus Free Theatre who came round to the flat for some lunch and some advice on crowd-funding. Trying to help them raise several thousand pounds with the help of Laura Wade and some home-made bread. Fingers crossed. For the fund-raising, not the bread. We ate the bread.