arabian nights

The rest of rehearsals went by in a trampoline filled blur, with a brief trip back to London to have a meeting at the Lyric and the Gate. Then we opened last week to packed houses and great feedback. It’s such a beautiful show – I’ll definitely have to work with the designer (Sarah Vigars) again. She’s one to watch. Now I have to write my own adaptation, or maybe adaptations… a massive version that I could do at the Lyric and a three-hander political version I could do at the Gate.

Now back in London for a little sleep…or more accurately lunch with an aerial choreographer, tea with a fellow director and dinner with a playwright and the Belarus Free Theatre. But maybe a little sleep tomorrow…

Then I should get on with writing The Monkey and the Crocodile (and coming up with a better title than that) – our site-specific family circus show – seeing as we got a little bit of Arts Council money to develop it in the new year.