I’ve spent the last few days shadowing Sue Emmas, the Associate Artistic Director at the Young Vic. Now massively inspired and energised about running my own company better and one day, maybe, hopefully running a building. My biggest lesson – maintaining a culture of ‘Yes’. Sort of how I live my life already, but great to know that it’s a key part of how the Young Vic is run, and a huge part of why it’s such a brilliant, prolific, interesting hub of theatrical amazingness.  It’s time to step up.

So auditioning for a circus show, set in a playground, with skateboarding and apple juggling turns out to be (entirely unsurprisingly) massive massive fun.

This has been a pretty great week. And tonight I’m off the Devoted & Disgruntled Mentoring Fete at the Battersea Arts Centre. Looking forward to being even more inspired and energised…