a flurry of activity

The R&D has been whizzing by – can’t believe we’re showing something tomorrow. Not sure if anything is quite fit for human consumption yet, apart from the delicious organic apples from Will’s farm. Been huge fun though, if a little cold as we’ve spent a lot of our time working geurrilla style (and gorilla…well monkey at least) outside in playgrounds. No rain so far, but it is getting colder by the day.

Also cramming in as many phone meetings and as much time for writing funding applications as I can between rehearsals – about to fly to the Dominican Republic on Thursday though, so there’s light at the end of the 12-hour-day tunnel.

five meetings, a dinner party then day one

Last week was hectic and included several skype meetings and regular phone meetings with a composer I’m writing an opera with, and my costume designer and aerial choreographer for Monkey & Crocodile. As well as a few face to face meetings with a lawyer, an accountant and a marketing expert (all for Metta).

This week has turned out no less (and arguably more) hectic with Monday cracking off with a meeting with English Touring Theatre – who are very kindly going to mentor us on out STC tour (hurrah) – followed by some epic business plan writing. To clarify – the writing of it was epic, the plan itself is…well it’s great but it’s just a business plan.

Yesterday trumped that with five meetings (Southbank Centre, Young Vic, Young Vic, Hampstead & RSC) followed by a quick trip to Argos to pick up some playground equipment for the Monkey & Crocodile R&D followed by a dinner party for the cast/creative team for that. Luckily I’d made the crumble the night before and put the slow-cooker on before the five meetings so I returned from Argos to a lovely stew that had been cooking for ten hours. And crumble for pudding. And everyone stayed the night because we were rehearsing nearby – it was like my dream of having a Theatre Commune.

Today was relatively relaxed by comparison. First day of rehearsals for the R&D. Started with acro-balance on a slide, then some juggling (got up to six apples between them…albeit very fleetingly). Then back to ours for lunch (home-made soup). Then some snake-boarding and tricycle chase sequences, then a bit of aerial work off a swing – amazingly not too cold to be working outside in a playground – crazy weather! Finally I made them do some animal character work (in the bedroom). All got a bit dark and adult. Good to know there’s some depth to this piece but maybe we’ll leave the violence out for the family version.

new year

Last year I decided 2011 would be the year of amazing…which it was. So this year I have to choose a new word to represent all that is to come. So far I have ‘the year of courage’ which maybe sounds a bit negative, or ‘the year of new beginnings’ which sounds a bit naff. Maybe ‘the year of great things to come’…no I’ve got it – ‘the year of greatness’. S0 2012 will be the year of greatness.

The end of 2011 was pretty great – managed to cram in a few last minute meetings before everything wound down for Christmas – Royal Opera House was a highlight, as well as a meeting with Headlong to pick their brains about how to run a company, and some magicians (Morgan & West) I might be working with this year.

This week it all gets proper busy again with a clutch of meetings, some business plan writing and lots of funding applications to nail. It’s going to be great…