new year

Last year I decided 2011 would be the year of amazing…which it was. So this year I have to choose a new word to represent all that is to come. So far I have ‘the year of courage’ which maybe sounds a bit negative, or ‘the year of new beginnings’ which sounds a bit naff. Maybe ‘the year of great things to come’…no I’ve got it – ‘the year of greatness’. S0 2012 will be the year of greatness.

The end of 2011 was pretty great – managed to cram in a few last minute meetings before everything wound down for Christmas – Royal Opera House was a highlight, as well as a meeting with Headlong to pick their brains about how to run a company, and some magicians (Morgan & West) I might be working with this year.

This week it all gets proper busy again with a clutch of meetings, some business plan writing and lots of funding applications to nail. It’s going to be great…