more magic and some awards

Been doing some more work with that time-travelling magical duo Morgan & West and have another day with them coming up on Monday. It’s a fascinating insight into the world of magic – as with circus work as soon as you have a little vocabulary and some technical understanding it all becomes so much more accessible…so watch out for lots of magic in future Metta shows!

Also been off out on various meetings, mostly Arab Nights related, but as the due date draws increasingly near I’m trying to get people to come to me rather than have to schlep across town myself. That said next week, as well as the magicians, I’m off to ETT on weds to do another reading of my play ‘Box’ because the first one went so well I’ve (perhaps rather hastily) done a redraft and expanded it to a 30 minute play (rather than the original 20). Maybe it’ll get even longer – we’ll see. Then on Friday I’m up to Northern Stage again where we’ve been shortlisted for the Title Pending Award for New Theatre (for Arab Nights). Extremely chuffed, and excited, and only a little apprehensive about possibly going into labour on the train!

In other award-y news – we received a Circus Space Lab:time Award to develop Monkey & Crocodile which is brilliant – and I’ve been meeting theatres all over the country (well Bristol Old Vic and The Egg in Bath so all over the West country) about developing that together.